shot description 00:11:04 CBC interstitial. Hockey Night in Canada. Animation, compositing. 00:13:20 Juno awards opening. Animation, compositing. 00:15:21 Extreme Babysitting Opening, Unused. Design, animation, Compositing. 00:18:10 Sportsnet. Host card. Animation, compositing. 00:19:08 Globe and Mail, Cinema Animation. Design of elements, animation. 00:22:01 3D moving illustration. Unused elements from a finished project. 00:24:14 Personal Porject. Amor. Art direction, 3d animation, composting. 00:27:03 Christie. Stereoscopic animation for cinema, 3D design. 00:30:00 Gudu Pop. Design, animation, compositing. 00:32:10 Globe and Mail. Cinema animation. 3d/2d elements. Compositing. 00:35:03 Pitch, character design, illustration. 00:37:02 CBC interstitial. Hockey Night in Canada. Animation, compositing 00:38:10 The Score. Pitch. Motion design test. 00:39:10 Personal work. The Hermit. Illustration, compositing. 00:41:19 Canada Walk of Fame 2012. Opening. Animation, compositing. 00:43:20 Juno Awards 40th anniversary. Opening. Animation, compositing. 00:46:16 Loop Media. Animated Bumper. Art Direction, design, compositing. 00:49:03 Majority Rules. Logo resolve / logo desgin. Art direction, animation, compositing. 00:50:18 Canada Walk of Fame 2012. Opening. Animation, compositing 00:52:05 TVO brand id. Desing, animation, 3d, compositng. 00:54:03 Juno Awards 40th anniversary. Non broadcast awards. Animation, compositing. track by Bourgeoisie - Neon Black.

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